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The Festival Will not be hosted this year in May, because of like of funds. We are in hopes to bring it back in May of 2019, Please stay in touch with updates to this effect.

Welcome to the Black Cowboy  Festival Web site


Sponsored by : The BLack Cultural Enlightment Society ( A Non-Profit organization)


I Was born in El Paso, Wichita Falls and Cheyenne. Helped build the west , though you don't know it, was a slave was a free man, don't look for me in your text books. Am I a Man or a Myth?. Come and see the Black Cowboy Festival May ? at Greenfield farm, Rembert SC  (Sumter County)

The Black Cultural Enlightment Society invites all people of every race to come and share with us the festivities of African American Culture and Heritage. History is the landmark by which we are directed into the true course fo life. The history of a Race is the guidepost of a Nation's and Race's destiny. What you do today that is worthwhile will inspire others to act at some future time. (Marcus Garvey) So come and enjoy as we increase community and cultural awareness of the African American Cowboy and Farm life May ?

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